Gutter Guards

T-Rex Gutter Fastening System

Durable Solutions from Qualified Installers

We know it can be an elaborate task to clean your eavestroughs, and having your gutters cleaned can be downright expensive. That’s why Doall Contracting uses the T-Rex continuous eavestrough fastening system and the Gutter Clean System Leaf Guard by Alu-Rex. These offer superior performance in protecting your eavestroughs from buildups of ice, snow and leaves. These innovative products not only keep your eavestroughs in good condition, they also make them stronger!

Applications of the T-Rex Gutter Fastening System

Our durable T-Rex gutter fastening system also offers the following benefits:

  • Securely fastens gutters to your home, supporting 250 lb per linear foot, which is 373 kg per linear metre—much more than the weight of 3 men!
  • Will not bend under pressure from ladders or branches.
  • Prevents leaf and debris build-up.
  • Prevents ice and snow from getting in to the gutters.
  • Will not rust or flake.
  • Invisible from the ground.
  • Drains 3 times more water than that recorded in the heaviest precipitations.
  • Reduces the proliferation of mosquitoes and the spread of West Nile virus.

Alu-Rex Gutter Guards

In our experience, no gutter guard delivers longer-lasting performance and value than those made by Alu-Rex. These rust-proof, aluminum eavestrough guards extend the life of your eavestrough, while offering the convenience of maintenance-free gutters. We highly recommend this system for your gutter guard installation.