Gutters and Downpipes

Why Are They Important?

Gutters, also referred to as eavestroughs, are narrow channels essential to the roof system which direct rainwater away from the roof.dustin-gutter-page In doing so, a building’s foundation is protected, and erosion and leaks are prevented.

Why Choose Doall Contracting?

The majority of siding companies do not install gutters, but with Doall Contracting, you get great siding and gutter service, all in one company. We can even do gutter installations for agricultural buildings. Save time and money by hiring a contractor that can install both gutters and siding!

5” Continuous Aluminum Gutters

If you’ve never heard of “seamless” or “continuous” gutters before, you may take particular interest in the amazing benefits that continuous aluminum gutters provide. With our 5” continuous aluminum gutters, you can reduce the possibility of leaks, giving your home’s foundation protection from water intrusion. With a baked-on enamel finish, their colour should last the lifetime of the gutters. What’s more, these gutters come in a variety of colours to match your home’s exterior.

On-Site Manufacturing of Custom-Fitted Gutters

Our expert installers have a state-of-the-art gutter machine right on our truck, which allows them to manufacture continuous aluminum gutters onsite. Our installers take the time to hand-cut and finger-fasten all corner mitres to ensure a watertight fit. All downpipe components (elbows, straps, pipes, outlets and funnels) are screwed together. These are both quality control steps to ensure a better, longer-lasting product. Very few companies take the time to do this, which is why we feel this sets us apart from other companies. Add that to a list of customer compliments and 20 years of time in service, and we’re confident that we deliver the best and most tailored experience around.

Continuous Aluminum Gutters


Remove Water from Your Roof – Efficiently

Modern Downpipes

As the industry has evolved, so has the appearance and function of downpipes. Gone are the days of the standard metallic-white downpipes. Today, downpipes can be custom-matched to the colour of your home’s siding. By considering the whole appearance of your home, the correct downpipe can be an attractive element of your home’s exterior.

Superior Drainage and Easy Maintenance

At Doall Contracting, we want you to have options when you’re planning your home’s exterior. We offer one kind of downpipe, but if you’re interested in a custom ordered specialty product, we would be happy to provide a quote.

We are proud to offer quality downpipes which offer superior water drainage, ease of maintenance and will look great on your home. Whichever downpipe you select, you can always count on Doall Contracting’s superior installation services.

We do not offer gutter cleaning services. We offer new gutter installation and replacement only.