Soffits and Fascia Cladding

High-Quality Vinyl Soffits

Soffits are often the most overlooked feature of your home’s exterior. After all, they are just a small portion of your home’s roof system. However, soffits are an integral part of keeping your home healthy. With high-quality vinyl soffits from Doall Contracting, you can improve your attic’s ventilation, all the while keeping out the pests, insects and rodents that love to nest in attics.


that follows the edges of the roof. Because these trim boards are generally exposed to all weather, they tend to deteriorate rapidly. Custom fascia cladding is a cost effective solution to extend the lifetime of your fascia boards. We use gutter stock (.0235 inch thickness aluminum) for our cladding. All fascia cladding is custom measured and manufactured in our shop prior to installation. All fasteners are colour-matched to your preference.

Many times, homeowners will try to save money by neglecting to install soffitting. However, this will mean headaches down the road, such as pest infestations in your attic. Additionally, it is an accepted fact that well-ventilated roof systems extend the lifetime of roof shingles.

Whether you’re looking for a soffit replacement or installation, you can always count on the superior services of Doall Contracting.

Custom Fascia Cladding

Fascia board is the wood trim