Vinyl Siding

Why Your Siding Repairs Can’t Wait

The condition of your home’s siding determines whether or not it can shield itself from the elements of wind, sun and water. It also plays a key role in the overall value of your property. If you are looking for a siding repair, installation, or just want to renovate your existing siding, we strongly recommend vinyl siding.

Vinyl is a time-proven, economical option for your exterior cladding and will hold up very well in our west coast climate. Available in a wide selection of colours, quality and styles, vinyl siding from Doall Contracting is sure to suit anyone’s budget and taste.

Benefits of Vinyl

Vinyl siding is an extremely cost-effective and low-maintenance renovation option. It also serves as an excellent “overlay” product for renovations, and may be used to cover many different materials. Many styles and profiles are available, such as vertical and horizontal dimensions, board and baton or vinyl wall shingles.